Your Sustainable Drive | last mile marketing concept.

Virtual Reality Tour | Take a Sustainable Drive

We love to innovate and cutting some edges. With every assignment we explore the boundaries of innovation and imagination. What if we could actually make you walk through new DC’s before they’re even built, or when they’re just a brownfield or greenfield? To present Prologis’ latest project: Amsterdam City DC1 to the world we’ve created this awesome 3D Virtual Reality Tour. This VR Tour takes you on a Sustainable Drive in- and outside this brand-new DC that sets a new standard for sustainable Last Mile Urban Logistics. Not only does it looks nice. It’s also a very effective way to shorten the time to market for real estate. A new reality and lively & accurate customer experience. Take that Sustainable Drive and interact!

Showcasing all the sustainable features | 3D promo

Get an impression | building concept and how it fits into the world